Pinot Nero “La Quercia”

This wine has a purple red color with garnet reflections, notes of undergrowth, black cherry and cherry on the nose, in the mouth it outlines the elegance of the grape including minerality, velvety tannin that amplifies its aromatic persistence. Pair it with first courses, meats and medium-aged cheeses.
Serving temperature 16-18 degrees.



This elegant wine, comes from a careful selection of Pinot Noir grapes, and from a skilful vinification with maceration of the skins.

Production area: The vineyards are located in Lombardy, in the heart of Oltrepo’ Pavese, in Santa Giuletta, at 250 meters above sea level, with south- southwest exposure.

Characteristics of the vineyard: The production vineyard was planted in 2006 with a planting density of 4000 plants per hectare, and is trained with the low guyot system. The composition of the soil is silty clay, in a very sunny position, the slope of about 15%, the high planting density capable of creating radical competition and the careful and respectful production methodology of the plants, are the fundamental characteristics for obtaining production of superior quality.

Method of collection : carried out exclusively by hand with selection and sorting of the product.

Vinification: The grapes, after harvesting, are transported to the company cellar where the vinification begins. The first phase is the pressing with the separation of the berries from the stalks, the must thus obtained is left to ferment in stainless steel tanks with temperature control. Alcoholic fermentation begins, a long maceration of the must in contact with the skins for 14-16 days with a temperature never higher than 22 ° C. In this phase, the must is pumped over every 6 hours to increase the extraction of color, aromas and perfumes. At the end of fermentation, the wine is separated from the skins, and stored in tanks where refinement begins.

Pressing : Pneumatic press with central lung.

Storage tanks: Stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature.

Bottling: The wine is left in the vat to refine for a period of 8-10 months. Before being bottled it is refrigerated at -4 ° C. for 10-12 days for a safe tartaric stabilization, then filtered and then bottled. Marketing begins after a refinement period of at least 60 days.

Analytical data: the technical data sheet of each single lot can be consulted in the company.

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