We are Roberto and Vittorio, two young boys aged 52 and 53 (we are young inside ...) but with the spirit and enthusiasm of young twenties. One evening we decided, after a nice dinner and excellent wine, to create a virtual meeting point, but absolutely real, where you can fin excellence BIO products, produced with respect for nature and health. In this project we have also involved our daughters who support us with the wonderful vitality of young people.

We make wine calmly, because only in this way it becomes special!

“LA CASAIA” is the small building that once served as a shelter for tools, and to enjoy a break from the fatigue of a day's work in the vineyard. We have chosen this name because our work today, between the rows and in the cellar, refers to the sound principles that "the keepers of tradition" have handed down to us, as a value, respecting nature and its cycles.

In each glass you can enjoy the synthesis of a careful cultivation and production methodology.