Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese “Armonia”

This wine has an intense ruby red color, sparkling, lively, persistent with hints of cherry and raspberry. The flavor is dry, warm with soft and velvety tannins. Pair it with cold cuts, roasts and game.
Serving temperature 8-10 degrees.



Produced with 90% Croatina grape, and 10% Uva Rara grape.

Production area: The vineyards are located in Lombardy in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese, with south-south-west exposure.

Characteristics of the vineyard: This is a vineyard with an average age of the plants of 25 years. The soil tends to be clayey or silt-clayey, with a good structure with an average slope of 15%, the planting density is 2,800 hectare vines trained with Guyot Basso. The cultivation and processing of the vineyard are carried out in the traditional way, respecting the canons of Organic Agriculture, the quantities of grapes are deliberately limited in order to obtain the best quality.

Method of collection: Manual with selection and sorting of the product.

Vinification: The grapes, after harvesting, are transported to our cellar where the vinification begins. The first phase is the pressing with the separation of the berries from the stalks, the must thus obtained is left to ferment in stainless steel or vitrified concrete tanks with temperature control. Fermentation lasts for 10/12 days with temperatures close to 28 ° C, in this phase pumping over is carried out every 8 hours to increase the extraction of color and aromas. At the end of fermentation, the wine is separated from the skins and stored in tanks for aging.

Pressing: The press used is pneumatic with central lung.

Storage tanks: In stainless steel and vitrified concrete with temperature control.

Bottling: After the maturation phase in the tank, the wine is refrigerated at -4 ° C for 10-12 days for a sure tartaric stabilization. It is then filtered and bottled with an isobaric filler. Marketing begins after a period of aging in the bottle of at least sixty days.

Analytical data: the technical data sheet of each single lot can be consulted in the company.

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