Chardonnay metodo classico “Passione”

This wine has a golden color, on the nose the freshness of the almond and dried fruit stand out with a background of exotic pulp, inviting the nuance of bread crust . In the mouth it is perfectly balanced , good perlage, and persistence. Excellent as an aperitif , and perfect for celebration time , elegant with shellfish and fish dishes, it is also a "whole meal" , for those who appreciate its aromatic taste.
Serving temperature 4-6 degrees.

Vino vincitore del premio “TOP HUNDRED, i cento migliori vini d’Italia” selezionati e premiati da Paolo Massobrio a Golosaria Milano 2022.



This fantastic wine comes from a careful selection of Chardonnay grapes.

Production area: The vineyards are located in Lombardy, in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese, at about 250 m above sea level , with south-south-west exposure.

Characteristics of the vineyard: The vineyard was planted in 1991 with a planting density of about 4000 vines / hectare and trained with the Guyot Basso. All processing stages are carried out in the traditional way, respecting the rules of Organic Agriculture. The good exposure, the high planting density, agronomic practices that respect the plants, a careful and meticulous production method are the key features for a superior quality production.

Harvesting method: Exclusively manual with selection and sorting of the product.

Vinification: The grapes, after harvesting, are transported to the company cellar where processing begins.
Pressing with automatic press with central lung to separate the juice from the skins, then static decanting in the tank at 12 ° C for 28-30 hours. After this step, we proceed to the inoculation of selected yeasts to activate the alcoholic fermentation managed at a controlled temperature, and never above 16 ° C. Grapes stay on the yeasts lasts for about 20 days, then the wine is cooled to 8 ° C ,and left to rest in basin.
The basic characteristic of the classic method is the slow refermentation in the bottle followed by a prolonged maturation in contact with the yeasts. The base wine is poured into the bottles and added with the syrup for refermentation (Liqueur de Tirage) consisting of yeasts and grape must.
Once sealed with a crown cap, the bottles are stacked horizontally in the underground part of our cellar.
The low fermentation temperature is essential to obtain a fine and prolonged perlage.
“Passione” rests for 24 months during which the bottles are periodically shaken to favor the contact of the substances released with all the liquid. Disgorgement is the operation to remove the sediment formed inside the bottles, these are placed "upside down" on trestles called "Pupitre" where, daily by hand, they are rotated and tilted a few degrees in order to make delicately merge the deposits towards the neck.
To eliminate them, the latter is cooled to about -20 ° C, so that the part of wine containing the lees under the cork freezes and can be extracted with disgorgement. Liquer (a wine syrup) is then added to compensate for the part of liquid lost. At this point the bottle is closed with the characteristic mushroom cap and anchored with the metal cage. Ninety days of further refinement before the start of marketing.

Analytical data: the technical data sheet of each single lot can be consulted in the company.

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