Pinot Nero vinificato in rosa “Una notte”

This wine has a bright pink color with ruby reflections, the nose is intriguing and silky, has notes of raspberry and fresh fruit. In the mouth is rich , and with a good aromatic persistence. Excellent as an aperitif.
Serving temperature 8-10 degrees.



This wine is obtained from a soft pressing of fine 100% Pinot Nero grapes.

Production area: The vineyards are located in Lombardy, in the heart of Oltrepò Pavese, in Santa Giuletta, at 250 meters above sea level, with south-west exposure.

Characteristics of the vineyard: The vineyard was planted in 2002 with a planting density of 4200 vines / hectare and trained with the Guyot Basso. The cultivation and processing of the vineyard are carried out in the traditional way, respecting the canons of Organic Agriculture. The quantities of grapes produced are deliberately limited in order to obtain the best quality.

Method of collection : carried out exclusively by hand with selection and sorting of the product.

Vinificazione: le uve, dopo la raccolta, sono trasportate nelle nostre cantine dove inizia la vinificazione. La prima fase è la pigiatura per la separazione degli acini dal raspo. Il mosto così ottenuto è immesso in vasche di acciaio a temperatura controllata di 10°-11° C. per almeno trentasei ore dove è a diretto contatto con le bucce; è questa l’operazione che determina al vino il caratteristico colore rosato.
Pressatura con pressa automatica a polmone centrale per la separazione del succo dalle bucce. Si procede poi all’inoculo di lieviti selezionati per attivare la fermentazione alcolica gestita a temperatura controllata. La permanenza sui lieviti si protrae per circa 30 giorni.

Storage tanks: Stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature.

Bottling: After a light refermentation, the wine is refrigerated at -4 ° C. for 6/7 days, then filtered and bottled with an isobaric filler. The marketing begins after a period of refinement in the bottle of at least three months.

Analytical data: the technical data sheet of each single lot can be consulted in the company.

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